Questions to Ask Before Moving Into a Senior Living Community

You might know that your current living situation is no longer suitable for your needs. Still, that doesn’t mean you feel confident transitioning into a new, more appropriate environment. You might fear the unknown or are unsure whether a living situation such as a senior living community is right for you.

However, knowledge is power. The more you learn about senior living communities, the more confident and comfortable you might feel calling one home. Now might be the right time to schedule a tour of a senior living community and ask these questions:

What Is the Meaning of Senior Living? 

It can sometimes be hard to understand what senior living is and what it can mean for you. In essence, senior living describes a living situation for older adults to live their golden years to the fullest.

In such communities, seniors can live in their own private units but enjoy a range of services and amenities in a safe and social environment.

Will I Maintain My Independence?

Losing independence is a major fear of seniors moving into senior living communities. It’s easy to worry about being unable to live your life as you once did. While life does indeed look different, you can maintain the independence you desire.

You’ll be able to live in your own private apartment, participate in activities at your leisure, and explore your local community. However, you also have access to the services and support you need to thrive.

Do I Have to Cook?

Many senior living community residents love cooking and can do so in their private apartments and shared resident kitchens. However, it’s not a requirement! Most reputable senior living communities provide at least three meals a day for their residents.

Not only do you not have to cook, but you also don’t have to take care of the washing-up. You can have so much more free time for the activities you love!

Can My Family and Friends Visit?

Living in a community with other people may make you think you can’t maintain your social life as you once did. Rest assured, most senior living communities are visitor-friendly. They welcome you to invite friends and family members over to visit. You can then entertain them in your own home or the community’s shared spaces. You never have to feel like your chosen senior living community isn’t your own home.

Will I Get Privacy?

You might be living in a social community with like-minded people, but that doesn’t mean you can’t maintain a level of privacy to make you feel more comfortable. All residents can enjoy their own private apartments to call home. Most senior living community apartments also have private balconies and patios. You are even welcome to enjoy communal spaces at your leisure.

Can I Access Healthcare in a Senior Living Community?

Most reputable senior living communities strive to provide a safe living environment for all residents. That means that if you require medical assistance, you can access it.

Independent Living residents can typically request third-party service providers to provide the assistance and care they need. Those living in Assisted Living can normally expect 24/7 access to licensed nurses and help with everyday living. Your living program can determine the level of care you can expect in your chosen community.

Ask Questions at Asher Point Senior Living of Austin

You deserve to have all the facts before moving into a senior living community. Do you have more questions? Schedule a tour of Asher Point Senior Living of Austin today. You can explore our grounds, ask questions, and have all the information you need to make an informed decision for your retirement years.

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